The Art of Initiatory Tantra Massage – Intensive Training

Intensive Tantric Massage Course

The Invitation

The Paths of Transformation are delighted to be offering our yearlong training in the Art of Tantra Massage in a new intensive format on the paradise island of Koh Phan Gan, together with Shashi Solluna, who will enhance the training with Sexual Vitality Qigong practices in the mornings.

This is an in-depth experiential course aimed at new and existing practitioners as well as committed tantric aspirants and couples. It is a unique opportunity to dive deeply into the art of tantric massage and opening up and expanding the capacity of our energy bodies. We teach tantric massage as an initiation into the ancient path of Tantra (see later text for definitions of Tantra), which is what this sacred practice in its highest form is designed to be.

About the Course

This course is designed for people who want, through tantric massage, to get more in touch with their body, open their body to energy, heal any old disapproval of their bodies and negative feelings like fear or shame, and to learn to deeply relax, so that their natural energy will start to flow and thus bring up any physical, energetic or emotional issues that need to be released or healed. The body has its own wisdom and if we or our mind can stop being in the way, then beautiful moments can happen that will connect us again with our natural state of oneness, pleasure, joy and flow.

Our tantric massage course blends energetic practices primarily from Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism and Reichian-orientated bioenergetics.

Once we have embodied these practices ourselves, we can start to work with others to help them heal and this is a deeply rewarding calling for some of us. Touch is a vital form of nourishment and affirmation, and sensual massage is a way of communicating non-verbally and directly.

To receive a tantric massage is to be initiated into tantric experience and tantric consciousness. Often tantric massage can be the first contact with energy and the energy body and the potential of expanding sexual energy into the whole body. On the path of touch, you learn to give these massage initiations, whether privately to a partner or professionally to clients.

At The Paths of Transformation, we teach and transmit a wide breadth of tantric and erotic massage, together with an understanding of presence and different kinds of touch, both physical and energetic. Sequences of techniques that form a developmental series of deepening initiations are shared, which can be used with a lover to go deep into intimacy, or as a professional to open the first door into Tantra for your clients.

We teach the philosophy and step-by-step practice of tantric massage, giving clear structures and practical techniques, as well as a tool kit or recipe book of hands-on strokes to enable the participant to create their own programme of tantric massages. There is additional training for those who want to become practitioners and the practitioner path certification is dependent on your own integration and embodiment of the path.

Our Inspiration

This course has been developed to set a benchmark and standard for what Tantric Massage should stand for at its highest pinnacle of what it can be. The training is about learning to receive and give tantric massage as an initiation into Tantra. It has been running for over 5 years and is based on over 35 years of working with women, men and couples.

The word Tantra has been often misappropriated to sell sexual services under the name tantric massage. Even the best-intentioned massages often over-emphasize the sexual aspect of Tantra, which is fundamentally about sacred sexuality expressed through the heart. Tantra is an ancient practice that opens the door to an experience of ourselves as beings of energy and consciousness.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is experiential and is aimed at:
• Those who are interested in becoming a qualified and experienced professional tantra massage practitioner
• Existing massage practitioners who wish to add tantra to their repertoire
• Existing tantra massage practitioners who wish to expand their repertoire of practice and techniques and who enjoy the philosophy of tantra as well as the practices
• Anyone who wants to dive deeply into the practice of tantra massage
• Couples who wish to deepen their experience of touch and connection together (they can choose to practise together the whole time or to move around, as they like)

The content is organized around of four themes:

1 Tantra Massage Fundamentals Sensitive, conscious and sacred touch
2 The Multiple Dimensions of Sexual Healing
3 The Dynamics of Pleasure & the Energy Body
4 Creating structures that move people from sexual relief into experiences of tantric energy

The key principles of tantra

These are some of the key principles of tantra that we aim to initiate participants into and to teach practitioners how to create initiatory tantric massage experiences for your clients:
1 To experience yourself as a bridge between heaven and earth, earth and heaven.
2 To experience that you have an energy body as well as a physical body, through which you can connect to the ocean of life energy that surrounds you.
3 Tantra is a path of increased sensitivity, through which we can be freed from the addiction to stimulation.
4 Your body is the sacred temple of your spirit.
5 Sacred sexuality is about being, not doing.
6 Experiencing the energy body takes you into expanded consciousness.
7 To experience yourself as a formless flow of energy, taking form through the conscious focus of your awareness.

Professional Certification

Those completing the 16 days training will be awarded a Certificate of Training as a tantra massage practitioner. Those completing 10 supervision sessions will be awarded a Certificate of Competence. Those who are fully certificated will have their names published on the Path of Touch website as approved practitioners.

Sexual Vitality Qigong

Shashi will guide Sexual Vitality Qigong is an excellent way to open up the energy pathways in your body. Based on practices from thousands of years, these simple movements open up all our energy pathways (meridians) so that we can support a free flow of life force through the body. This particular form of Qigong focuses on awakening sexual energy, cultivating sexual chi, raising sexual energy (kundalini) and circulating it, opening the heart, and uniting sex, heart and mind. There are also some exercises to help heal sexual trauma from the body, particularly the psoas muscle. Through these practices, the body becomes an open channel between Heaven and Earth for life to flow through in its most blissful way.


To reserve a space, please pay a deposit of €300 via PayPal (€500 for couples) here, the rest is payable by bank transfer, you will receive details when we have received your deposit.

Deposit for:

About your Facilitators

Jenni Joy

Jenni is a leadership, life, and intimacy coach, blending clinical sexology with the energetic arts of Tantra, sacred femininity and transformation alongside leading edge tools in the field of personal development. She is a board member of ASIS (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists), and co-teaches and runs The Art of Tantra Massage Professional Training with John Hawken and The Paths of Transformation, an online and live portal called Juizie with Danish sexologist and couples therapist Katrine Berling, as well as her own events and other co-creations with extraordinary beings around the planet.

John Hawken

John Hawken has been teaching Tantra for 25 years. He originally trained with Margot Anand, best-selling author of “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy”, and is a certified SkyDancing tantra teacher. He set up the first Tantra school in the UK, the UK Skydancing Institute, before moving his work on under the names of The Tantric Path and, today, The Paths of Transformation, to reflect the significant contributions he includes from bioenergetics, shamanism and other practices.

In a world full of short weekend courses, John takes a stand for the value and benefits that arise from in depth trainings, and his year-long trainings in the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic are known for their depth, clarity and transformational effect. His massage giving and teaching experience goes back 35 years: he has studied and taught Reichian massage, bioenergetics massage, biodynamic massage, deep draining, Taoist erotic massage, Quodoushka and many forms of tantric massage.

Shashi Solluna

Shashi has been teaching Sexual Vitality Qigong for ten years, originally trained with Grandmaster Mantak Chia (author of the Multiorgasmuc man/woman) and Minke de Vos (author of Tao Tantrc Arts for Women). She leads month-long teacher trainings in Tao Tantric Arts and is herself the author of Tantra: Discover the Path from Sex to Spirit.


Accommodation and food are paid separate. A shared room is 1000 euros, OR there are a range of prices for a private room at the resort next door (all are double beds for singles or couples). Details will be sent when you contact us.


Anyone who wants to stay for Christmas and New Year we will be having some events and will have a limited amount of accommodation available for this peak season!!! Please mention to us when you book.



House of Joy, Great Portland Street, London W1

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