Transformational Tantra Massage

Transformational Tantra Massage

What is True Tantra Massage?

“In its highest form, tantra massage has the potential to be an initiation into a direct experience of the world of tantra.”

– John Hawken

Transformational Tantra Massage teachers


This course is designed for people who want, through tantric massage, to get more in touch with their body, open their body to energy, heal any old disapproval of their bodies and negative feelings like fear or shame, We learn to deeply relax, so that our natural energy will start to flow and thus bring up any physical, energetic or emotional issues that need to be released or healed. The body has its own wisdom and if we can stop being in the way, moments occur which connect us with our natural state of oneness, pleasure, joy and flow.

It has been developed to set a benchmark and standard for what Tantra Massage can stand for at the pinnacle of what it can be. The training is about learning to receive and give tantra massage as an initiation into tantra. The word tantra has been often misappropriated to sell sexual services under the name tantra massage. Even the best-intentioned massages often over-emphasize the sexual aspect of tantra, which is fundamentally about sacred sexuality expressed through the heart. Tantra is an ancient practice that opens the door to an experience of ourselves as beings of energy and consciousness.

The key principles of tantra

  1. To experience yourself as a bridge between heaven and earth,
  2. To experience that you have an energy body as well as a physical body, through which you can connect to the ocean of life energy that surrounds you.
  3. Tantra is a path of increased sensitivity, through which we can be freed from the addiction to stimulation.
  4. Your body is the sacred temple of your spirit.
  5. Sacred sexuality is about being, not doing.
  6. Experiencing the energy body takes you into expanded consciousness.
  7. To experience yourself as a formless flow of energy, taking form through the conscious focus of your awareness.

Who is this course for?

This course is experiential and is aimed at:

  • Those who are interested in becoming a qualified and experienced professional tantra massage practitioner
  • Existing massage practitioners who wish to add tantra to their repertoire of practice and techniques and who enjoy the philosophy of tantra as well as the practices
  • Anyone who wants to dive deeply into the practice of tantra massage
  • Couples who want to explore tantra massage together

Course Structure

The training is organised around four key themes:

Part I: Tantra Massage Fundamentals
– sensitive, conscious and sacred touch

Part II:  The Multiple Dimensions of Sexual Healing

Part III:  The Dynamics of Pleasure & the Energy Body

Part IV:  Creating Tantra Massage Sequences
– moving from sexual relief to tantric energy

Please download a full course brochure here

Professional Certification

Those completing the full workshop training will be awarded a Certificate of Training in transformational tantra massage.

Those who wish to become Professional Transformational Tantra Massage Practitioners are required to complete an additional training component, most importantly including 10 hours of supervision sessions. (See supplementary brochure.)

Those who are fully certificated will have their names published on The Paths of Transformation and the Transformational Tantra Massage websites. This training is also recognised by ASIS, the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists, and the Trusted Bodywork organisations as offering the breadth and depth they require to enrol and list practitioners.

Please download the Professional Certification information here


Next Training Dates

Intensive Course (two parts):

Part 1: 25 Jan – 3 Feb (Tulum, Mexico)

Part 2: 8-18 Sept (Boulder, Colorado)

Teachers: John Hawken and Jenni Joy


UK Training (four parts):

Module 1:  30 April – 5 May 2019

Module 2:  6 – 11 August 2019

Module 3:  3 – 8 December 2019

Module 4:  25 February – 1 March 2020

Teachers:  Jenni Joy (lead), Jon Gosling, Shakti Elara, John Hawken (module 4 only)