Here are a few testimonials to give you a flavour of some of my offerings:

“Jenni is in my view one of the few senior teachers in the world of Tantra who has both personal integrity and respect for her students wherever they are in life. Her teaching is inspired with her very balanced view of the wide and divergent interpretations of Tantra. She has an amazing capacity to train students within safe boundaries and informed consent, whilst challenging and encouraging them to explore their own personal edge.”
Retired Consultant Physician

“Jenni offers a truly authentic, real, safe and beautifully supportive environment in which to uncover your inner magic, sexuality, heart and soul. With her dedication, passion and clear commitment to supporting your inner transformation, Jenni is one of the loveliest facilitators I have worked with so far. There is a loving humbleness to her being which helped me to feel recognised, safe and a very deep part of the proceedings. She works in total integrity and has a no bullshit approach to ensuring that everyone’s experience is relevant and acknowledged. Jenni is brilliant at offering intuitive feedback in the moment and provides a warm loving and incredibly elegant space to create empowered community and togetherness.”
Emily Jane Love

“Jenni gave me a wonderful tantric massage. Her touch is present; focussed; sensual; exploring; and tuned in to what is going on in me. The experience was uplifting; blissful and felt very health-giving, too. I can fully recommend Jenni to any man who is open to this work.”
A.S., London



Harley Street, London

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