Jenni has trained in many different tantric paths with a wide range of different teachers and approaches, but the three that most strongly influence her own work are the teachings of John Hawken and The Paths of Transformation, Bruce Lyon’s approach to cosmology and embodiment and the esoteric tantric wisdom of Tara Yoga.

She currently co-teaches two year long training courses with John Hawken’s The Paths of Transformation, as well as her own workshops.

The Paths of Transformation offer two in-depth tantric initiation trainings, both of which also carry strong therapeutic and shamanic qualities. The tantra course originates from Margot Anand’s SkyDancing Tantra movement, of which John was an early graduate and via which he became the UK’s first tantra teacher, when he set up the UK Skydancing Institute, but has evolved significantly from those early years.

Sacred Body Passionate Spirit is our yearlong tantra training.

Transformation Tantra Massage is our yearlong tantra massage training. This has an additional Professional module for those who feel deeply called to offer this work as a vocation.

the paths of transformation
John Hawken MA Psychotherapist teacher of tantra

About John Hawken MA (UK) Psychotherapist, teacher of tantra and shamanism.Trained in bioenergetic bodywork, Reichian massage, biodynamic massage and Gestalt therapy, 12 years practice as a body-orientated humanistic psychotherapist. He specialises in very grounded existential tantra which integrates the light and the dark, the heaven and the earth, the spirit and the body. John is one of the most experienced teachers of tantric energy work in Europe.