“Radiant Sensuality” – a 30 day Sensual Challenge for Women

An online 30 day sensual challenge for women who want more sensuality and pleasure in their lives

Do you want to:

  • Want to learn to connect with your body in an entirely new way?
  • Feel more sensations and aliveness in your body?
  • Learn what your body desires and craves in sensual, sexual ways?
  • Feel how it is to live from a place of relaxation, not from a place of stress?
  • Discover new types of arousal?
  • Experience more energy and more vitality in your body? Stop feeling so tired all the time?

Then this challenge is for you!

Are you longing for the best lover ever? Do you long to be met in ways beyond your wildest imagination? The best way to do that is to become your own best lover, by getting into closer contact with your own body and learning what you want and what you desire. After all, you can always be your own best lover… and double win, these practices will turn you into a much better lover with your man too!

We have created this challenge to expand your sense of yourself on all levels of your being. We use different kinds of awareness, sensory inputs, touch and eroticism to meet yourself in an entirely new way.

Over 30 days throughout July, we will guide you home to yourself, to help you experience more sensation, love and pleasure in your body – literally, to be your own best lover. Start loving yourself and discover how much more pleasurable you can make your life with simple daily practices! We know how busy you are, so most challenges are 30 minutes or under.

By then end of the challenge, you’ll feel more sensual, more sexual, more relaxed, more loving and will have much more energy.

This online challenge is developed by Jenni Joy and Katrine Berling, female orgasm experts, sexologists, couples therapist, tantra teacher, who have distilled the most effective techniques and practices they have discovered through their many trainings and through their experience of working with many women to expand their orgasmic potential.

This challenge includes:

  • A daily Erotic Challenge with explanation and suggestions. This will be introduced via a video by Jenni or Katrine.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to create community and share your experiences with other women on the course

This is how it works:

  1. You will be invited into a closed Facebook group.
  2. Every day, Katrine or Jenni will outline the assignment for the day in a short video. Every 7th day we will have an integration day, allowing you to reflect on your experiences through the week, catch up if necessary and possibly choose a favourite experience to repeat.
  3. The challenge will also be written up on a card as an aide memoire. The cards are yours to keep and reuse to rerun the challenge in the future.
  4. Jenni or Katrine will be active in the Facebook group most days. The Facebook group is a great place to share experiences and learn from other women.
  5. At the end of the challenge we will celebrate our new Juiziness together!

Looking forward to supporting you in finding your persona juiziness, sensuality and erotic nature! What a wonderful way to enjoy the summer!

2019 dates to be announced shortly.  Send us a message to be put on the waitlist.



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Join our community and stay tuned.

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