What is tantra to me?

Ask a dozen people what tantra is and you will get at least a dozen answers. It is one of the most misunderstood topics on the planet. So I thought it would be helpful to share a little of what tantra is for me.

I blend the paths of classical tantra (again, many different approaches, mine is heavily influenced by Tibetan tantric practices) and neo-tantra together. These days people often also get excited by shamanism, and we must remember that tantra is a shamanic tradition and it’s likely that the best stuff was never written down! All that said, here’s a few words, my take on tantra if you will, to give you a feel for the beliefs that underpin the experiences I create and share.

Tantra is the dance of energy and consciousness. This is the dance of the universe, the essence of life in all its forms. Without energy, there is nothing. With too much energy, there is chaos. And via this divine dance, we weave this thing called life. This fundamental definition also demonstrates the principle of polarity that lies at the heart of tantra.

Tantra guides us into a direct experience of the divine and the interconnectedness of everything.

Tantra is an experience of our energy, our flow, as an invitation into relaxation as the base from which everything can arise, as an experience of spirit and of connection.

Tantra asks us to believe nothing but our own direct experience. Through tantric practicers, we resensitise and finetune our 5 senses to become more deeply aware of life around us in all its vividness. As we relax into this aliveness, we discover our energy body and the wisdom it holds. We learn to direct our own energy and to connect our energy with universal energy to amplify it.

Tantra as a philosophy and a spiritual science embraces our sexual energy and our sexuality. We often hear the phrase from sex to spirit. Tantra is perhaps unique in accepting and even recommending sexual union as a path to finding God.  It was this fundamental acceptance of sex that enabled me to open to spirit. If spirit believed in sex, I was prepared to believe in spirit. It’s also this opening to sexual energy that enables us to expand our life in new directions, as we learn how to direct this energy towards manifesting our most authentic and harmonious desires.

Tantra shows us how our bodies are sacred, our vessel here and now in this lifetime through which we can know spirit.

This fundamental shift in our awareness, appreciation and love for ourselves opens us to love for others.

Tantra is notorious for its connotations with sex, but in truth it’s a path of love. Pure, absolute, shining, devouring, graceful love. For ourselves, for others, for the planet, for the deep vast expanses of the universe that we find within the microcosm of our hearts and connect with in the macrocosm of the skies.



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