Orgasmic Empowerment – an In depth training for women

NEXT INTAKE – September 2017

Female orgasm, despite the increase in hype over the last 5 years, remains one of the great mysteries of the universe.  It deserves to be.  However, part of that mystery is designed to whet our curiosity to discover what our bodies are really capable of.  The extraordinary life force energy that flows through us.  As we learn to access this in new and different ways, everything in our life changes.

Orgasm is the energy of life.  It is the biggest energy we can feel and move in our body.  It brings us intense pleasure and intense emotions.

Many of us orgasm in a habitual way, which can often be orientated to stress-release, a sense of exploding energy that the body needs to move.  Whilst this is in itself a good thing – one of the great teachings on orgasm is that our body always gives us the orgasm we need – this type of relief orgasm tends to use the classic nerve channel we have hard-wired into us through habitual masturbation.

This course is about expanding our concept and range of orgasm.  To find the Wild Woman in all of us who has access to a range and depth of emotions and orgasmic responses that often we prefer to contain than explore.

Through a carefully-created process, we will guide you through a resensitisation process to enable you to reclaim the full range of our orgasmic expression.  Not only will this dramatically increase the amount of pleasure you are able to experience, when we find this part of ourselves, it enables us to access our power.  In a world full of women’s empowerment work, relearning our relationship to and our experience of our own orgasm is probably the most empowering and kindest act we can undertake.

The third key that orgasmic empowerment bring is orgasmic vitality.  For any women who is running low on energy, learning how to access the energy stored and often shut down in our pelvis, gives us access to the biggest reservoir we have.

This is a 12 week study course that will be fully supported with regular live webinars, teaching materials and videos and of course home practices.  You will be buddied up in the group and there will be a forum for group sharing.  Creating community and the opportunity for women to share is a key part of the process – other women’s experiences help us to fast track our own, this is a fundamental tenant of women’s growth and development.

So, if you’re looking for:

– More sensual and sexual pleasure

– More vitality and energy to run your life

– A deep and rooted sense of your own power

then this is the course for you.

Please email for full details and early bird pricing.