One on one

One on one programmes are tailored to the individual and can be a coaching and or bodywork based.

Jenni only works with Clients who are committed to their self-development and are becoming aware of how transforming their approach to their sexuality can transform their whole approach to life.

If you are struggling with habitual or stress-based self-pleasuring and want to discover a more expansive form of orgasm, if you want to learn the secrets of sacred touch and sensual/tantric massage, if you want to explore your sexuality but you don’t know where to start or perhaps even what you really want, or if you are struggling with pleasure and connection in your relationship, one on one sessions may suit you very well.

Some of the subject areas often covered in bespoke personalized coaching programmes include:

  • Sexual Journeying – how to begin
  • Tantra, tantra massage, tantric meditation and breathwork
  • Orgasmic Vitality
  • Exploring energy
  • Expanding Orgasm for women
  • Crystal Wand initiation
  • Building sexual self-confidence
  • Desire coaching
  • Connection in relationship
  • Communicating needs and desires
  • Contraction and expansion, emotional holding patterns and release
  • Opening the heart
  • Living life in love
  • Relationship as a path of growth and truth

Some programmes that are popular for people who are unsure of how to dive in include:

  • Exploring my Sexual Self – a coaching programme designed to help you discover who you are sexually and what you want to explore [3 one-hour talk sessions]
  • Opening the body to pleasure [3 two-sessions]

Jenni has a consulting room just off Harley Street in London and also does consultations via Zoom. Please use the contact form to get in touch to outline your needs. Jenni works with women, men and couples on a one on one basis both on Zoom and in person.




House of Joy, Great Portland Street, London W1

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