Sensual Sexual Vitality and Pleasure  –  the Ultimate Orgasm Workshop for Women 


Do you have this sense that you could be getting more out of your orgasms?  Are you using a quick orgasm to help you fall at sleep at night or to reduce stress more often than you’re enjoying orgasm in its purest essence, to increase your sense of vitality and to experience more pleasure?


Our body is the base for our experience, so this workshop builds on the opening of Body Love to look at how we can expand our capacity for pleasure. Then we can live our life from a place of orgasmic vitality, in touch with our life force energy which we can direct to our core goals in life, be they sexual or other.


This workshop focuses specifically on our sexual energy, our capacity for expanded orgasm and greater pleasure, and how this brings a sense of wellbeing and vitality into our bodies at a cellular level.


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London – Stockholm


OMG Expanding your Sexual Pleasure – the Ultimate Orgasm Workshop for Women part 2

This will be a continuation and deepening of the work started in part 1, with more focus on specific breathing practices to expand orgasmic energy and bringing awareness and healing to blocks in our body.


Dates tbc