Working in the leadership development field for the last 5 years, I have until now hesitated to bring the eternal truths and wisdom that exist in tantra and shamanic realms into the boardroom directly. But as we embody these ways of being, they impact all aspects of our lives, including the way we lead. My hesitation has been based on the fact that tantra is so closely identified with sex in the minds of many, but in its true essence, sex is a small but infamous part of tantric philosophy, practices and attitudes. However, energetically, it’s also our powerhouse.

Real personal development requires that we work on all of ourselves, not just the bits we want or feel like working on. Often, the pieces of ourselves we least want to acknowledge or take a look at are the ones where the greatest rewards can be reaped. There is a good reason for this, which one of my main teachers, John Hawken, terms “the double shot espresso effect” and relates to the energetic impact of what we don’t deal with in our bodies. Emotional expression is hence fundamental to energetic and physical vitality – and ultimately health. Psychology and neuroscience are now catching up and proving this to us, but it’s been the bedrock of Eastern spirituality practices for thousands of years.

As we start to experience life from an energetic point of view, we are able to move beyond the limits of processing with the conscious mind and access deeper flow states of consciousness. These states are where the magic happens. Many of us have had glimpses of these states as extraordinary moments in our lives, often with exceptional synchronicity occurring. Tantra and shamanism help us to live from this place more often. It is not easy, but it is the ultimate way of being and once we have tasted them, they tend to create a hunger and a yearning to return, or at least to keep trying. I often compare them to the experience of catching a wave perfectly when we surf.

Business is becoming more aware of the the principles of what is being termed feminine leadership and the need for feminine values in the workplace, and I have witnessed the explosion in mindfulness techniques now being taught and extolled in business and by business leaders, so it feels like the time is right to blend my worlds together.

In 2017, I have two initiatives underway, one aimed at CEOs and C-Suite teams, and the other at entrepreneurs. They both have at their heart the principle of creating and healing at the same time. They are of immense value on both a professional and a personal level.

See Serenity in Leadership for more details



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