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Juizie is the leading creator of sensual sexual challenges designed to help you rewire your body and your life for more pleasure. 

Our challenges support you to create new habits and ways of being in your body, which open you up to more aliveness and deeper states of relaxation, from which you can experience greater sexual pleasure, more zest for life and a framework for health and wellbeing that is fun and sustainable. 

Juizie is for everyone looking to get more out of their lives in the areas of love, sex, relationships, vitality and energy but are not sure where to look for best in class, concise and practical advice on the matter… well, you have arrived in the right place, welcome to Juizie!
Created by Sex and Relationship Experts
Jenni and Katrine run couples workshops and events together and individually, helping couples to find joy de vivre, lightness and flow in their connection together by synthesising best-in-class practices from relationship therapy, tantra and sexology. 

​​​​​​​They offer the courses and workshops they create together under the brand name Juizie, a modern lifestyle sex education brand designed to bring best in class sex, love and relationship practices.

Katrine Berling
Katrine is a Danish sexologist, couples therapist and sex teacher. She has been working with female sexuality for the last decade, helping hundreds of women to understand the female body, get more pleasure, and better sex and orgasms. 

Jenni Joy
Jenni is a leadership, life, and intimacy coach, blending clinical sexology with the energetic arts of tantra, sacred femininity and transformation. She also teaches tantra and tantra massage with The Paths of Transformation

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