Juizie is a new venture I have set up with one of Denmark’s leading sexologists.  We will be developing a range of online courses for women, men and couples, as well as running live workshops.
Juizie is for everyone looking to get more out of their lives in the areas of love, sex, relationships, vitality and energy but are not sure where to look for best in class, concise and practical advice on the matter… well, you have arrived in the right place, welcome to Juizie!

Juizie creates fun, interactive learning experiences for you to expand your own sensual and sexual potential. We offer workshops and online trainings for men, women and couples.

Juizie Love
Learning to love ourselves, expanding our sense of heart connection, tuning in to the wisdom of our heart to discover a deeper sense of inner knowing, helping us to discover a deeper sense of meaning in life and connect with our core life purpose.

Juizie Sex
Yes indeed! Deeper connection is at the core of better sex for many, so as we develop our heart capacity, there is a natural knock-on effect. But beyond that, how many of us were really initiated into sex with an expert, someone who really knew exactly what they were doing? Juizie brings together the ‘technique’ aspects of sex, with the ‘energetic’ aspects, how to develop and run your sexual energy, to help you feel both competent and confident in your lovemaking and self-pleasuring.

Juizie Vitality
Juizie Vitality is about living life at full velocity. When we’re low on energy, life is hard work. Stress of course sucks our vitality out of us faster than many of us know how to replace it. A certain degree of stress is a natural part of life, but when it become overwhelming it becomes destructive. Our sexual energy is our life force energy. As we learn to develop and channel this natural reserve, and support ourselves with a lifestyle that supports this too, we can increase our energy levels dramatically.

Juizie Relationships
Life exists in relationship. Relationships bring us both the greatest joy in life and often the greatest difficulty and sometimes heartache. Learning to nurture the relationships that serve us best, improve those that are important and knowing when to leave those that do not serve us is perhaps the most important skill we need to learn. And nourishing our intimate relationships are often the most challenging – and rewarding – of all. Sadly, few of us were bought up with role models who showed us how to do this, most of us find we have reprogramming to do to develop more authentic and rewarding relationships in life.

Juizie Life
The sum of the parts! As we stand up in our true authenticity, fuelled by and glowing with the innate power of our own orgasm, our life seems to develop in technicolour, expanding into new ways of being and loving and connecting that becomes ever more Juizie.

So if you’re looking for help, advice, courses, support and community in these areas of your life, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Juizie Living and we look forward to meeting you online or in person.