Give us this day our daily pleasure

Much of Jenni’s approach revolves around the concept of small habitual change, about making time for pleasure in our life on a daily basis and noticing how life starts to change as we reorientate in this way. This approach has been part of the yoga and tantra traditions in the East for thousands of years and is now being understood by neuroscience in its efficacies. We are but the sum of our daily habits.

The difficulty today is that life is so full of what we have to do, it can be hard to make time for what we like to do, or even to explore things we might like. Jenni’s programmes use daily nuggets to help you explore issues such as:

  • Exploring how you invite sensuality into your life and expand your concepts of orgasm and pleasure
  • Moving beyond stress-based orgasms and pleasuring to expanded states of orgasm
  • Learning what you really like sensually – pleasure begins at home!
  • Resensitising your body to feel more pleasure and aliveness
  • Gaining a sense of your body’s wisdom and learning to tap into it to know yourself better
  • Deepening your intimacy with yourself and your partner
  • Developing your personal art of touch and massage for connection, grounding, healing and pleasure
  • Exploring tantra as a spiritual path to greater wholeness, aliveness and joy

Exploring pleasure can be a scary business, but once you cross the threshold, you often wonder what took you so long! Jenni’s safe, loving and supportive approach makes it that little bit easier.



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