Body Love – Embodied Vitality for Women  

How at home do you feel in your body? When do you really stop and listen to what it wants, what it needs?
Many women struggle to feel comfortable in their bodies, but it’s hard to be at peace with ourselves when we cannot come to rest in our own personal temple, that of our body. For many of us, we need to learn to have more compassion and love for ourselves, to be a little gentler and more tender.

This discomfort keeps us out of alignment and contributes to a general lack of energy and vitality.

As we learn to awaken our capacity for self-love and nurturance, a deeper sense of peace and relaxation arises from which springs our natural radiance.

From here, we can reconnect with our core and learn to tap into the root of our aliveness, our life force energy, our personal well of juiciness and aliveness.

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